The Land of Farten-Burrrpen

Chapter Two

Having arrived in The Land of Whooooops!, Mr FartenFurter and his Faithful Companions Looked Around. And what did they see? A Sea of People with Mouths Open. Hair Standing on End. And the Never-Ending Buuuuurp that emitted from those Open Mouths.

Mr FartenFurter’s Own Mouth fell open in Amazement! And Fart’n’Fart, whom he had told to be on his strictest Good Behaviour, also opened his mouth and let the Wind Pass! Oh boy! What a Furore there was! The Good People of Whooooops! just did not know what Hit them!

Never had they Experienced such a Pheno-Menon before!

A Loud, Smelly (for Mr FartenFurter had eaten cabbage soup on his journey), and totally GUSTY wind shook the leaves off the trees of The Land of Whooooops!

Some of the Whooooopsians fainted with Shock. Some fainted with Fear. And some fainted with the Sheer Joy of Experiencing such a Gust! But Faint they ALL did.

Mr FartenFurter and his Companions were really Scared. They didn’t know what to do. They tried to Run Away, but Foot and Foot-Foot couldn’t Agree which way to go. And so First they went in Two Different Directions. Then they got Tangled up and caused Mr FartenFurter to Fall.

And what a Fall that was!

That Ginormous Behind Rocked The Land of Whooooops! to its very Core!

And all the Whooooopsians Found their Senses. Some Found them lying Next to them. Some Found them in their Pockets. Some Found them in other Whooooopsians’ Hair. Some had to Look Among the Leaves for them. But they all Found their Senses.

And when they were all In Their Senses, they looked at Mr FartenFurter who was Very Scared by This Time.

Slowly they went up to him. And he got Scareder and Scareder.

One Whooooopsian slowly Touched him. Another touched Fart’n’Fart. Mr FartenFurter didn’t know What To Do. When the Whooooopsians Realised that Mr FartenFurter was scared and didn’t mean them any harm, they all began to touch Fart’n’Fart. They had never seen anything like it before and couldn’t believe their eyes. But they soon Realised that that was making Mr FartenFurter Uncomfortable.

So they stopped.

They smiled at him and let out Joyous Whooooops!

“Welcome to The Land of Whooooops! Will you Live among us? Will you be our Mayor? We have never Heard anything Quite So Gusty as You!”

And that is how Mr FartenFurter, Fart’n’Fart, and Foot and Foot-Foot, came to be Cherished Members of the Populace of The Land of Whooooops!

Chapter Three coming soon…..

8 thoughts on “The Land of Farten-Burrrpen

  1. Lots of drama and such a fun style. Enjoying the use of uppercase letters! A series of micro stories as compared to a running chapterized story would suit this style of writing more…but that’s just My Opinion! Keep writing! You readers are waiting for more!! 😁

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Tehmina. I’m glad you enjoy the writing style. I had fun writing these stories too. If you press follow, you will automatically get updates on new posts on this blog.


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