The Land of Farten-Burrrpen

Chapter Five

Now Ms Burrrpen-Moily was a Lovely Lady with an Abdomen of Outstanding Girth. And it was this Appendage that caught her visitor’s eye. More than Mr FartenFurter, it caught Fart’n’Fart’s eye! For here was a Match worthy of him!

“And who might YOU be, young lady?” asked Mr FartenFurter.

“Why, I told you. Myself Burrrpen-Moily. Father mother, Mr & Mrs Moily. Brother, Mean-Moily. Living in Whatchamaycallit Cottage in TheseHere Woods.”

“Ah, I see,” said Mr FartenFurter, quite nonplused by the strange Wordage of Ms Moily. “Have you always lived here?”

“Yes, for surely! I am living here all the timely!”

“And your parents? Have they always been here?”

“NO, for surely! They and my brother, Mean, having come from far away land. I am not quite knowing where, I am sorry to say…”

“Oh, please don’t worry,” said Mr FartenFurter who had no first name unlike young Burrrpen. “I didn’t mean to upset you. It’s just that…”

“Oh, no need to worry! I am knowing! I am knowing that I am talking phunny. I am knowing it! But my phamily is speaking like this wonly. Other peoples making phun of us. That is why we be living here. But we be liking it here wonly. You understand?”

“Yes, yes! Perfectly!” said Mr FartenFurter wiping his brow because he had broken into a bit, just a tad of a Sweat trying to follow Burrrpen’s words.

And all the time, Fart’n’Fart had no problem understanding a word. Foot and Foot-Foot had fallen asleep so they didn’t hear anything.

“Well,” said Mr FartenFurter. “It was nice meeting you. I hope we meet again. I live just around the Big Tree. On the other side. Far, far on the Other Side.”

“Vell then, for surely ve vill meet again!” said Burrrpen happily. “Come and meet my phamily, you must! I vill tell you vhen.”

“I would certainly like that,” said Mr FartenFurter, not sure of it at all.

And he and HIS family wandered back to their Hammock after he had woken up Foot and Foot-Foot and bade Ms Moily adieu.

Chapter Six coming soon ……

4 thoughts on “The Land of Farten-Burrrpen

  1. Goodness me, Smita-mischief thou art afoot! I can smell (oops!) it in the air. Delicious quirky fun! Now waiting for more…myself hooked!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Brilliant clever and naughty ….
    Already taken up by farten ( his appendages ) and now miss moily.
    .. ( brother mean moily of spl interest !!!! ) .

    Liked by 1 person

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