The Land of Farten-Burrrpen

Chapter nine

Having found the ToadStool with the Red Gate that said APOTHECARY on it, the three Companions stood outside the Gate because they didn’t Quite Know what to Say. Or What to Do.

Luckily for them, Soon. Quite Soon. Very Soon, As a Matter of Fact, a Little Old Lady came out of the Bright Blue Door of the ToadStool with the Red Gate that said APOTHECARY on it.

“Well, well!” she Said. “And who might you Young’Uns be?”

“Why, we are… we are…” and Mr FartenFurter, who was Normally Quite Composed, found himself Floundering for Words.

And Foot and Foot-Foot continued to Tap Out A-rhythmically.

And then Fart’n’Fart Blew In with a Great Old Gust that Quite Knocked the Socks Off the Old Lady!

Mr FartenFurter was Beside Himself! How could this have Happened? He had come to ask for Help? Would she Help him NOW?????

He Frantically went to the PeaBerry Bush and pulled down One Sock. Then he Ran to the HushPuppy Tree and pulled down Another Sock.

Very Embarrassed and Shamefacedly, he Hesitantly offered them to the Old Lady.

“I’m SO SORRY!” he said. “It’s just this Fart’n’Fart! He has no Manners!”

“No worries!” laughed the Old Lady. “I Know who you Are! You are Our Mayor! Mr FartenFurter!”

“Indeed, I am,” said a very abashed Mr FartenFurter.

“Tell me How I can Help you?” asked the Old Lady putting on her Socks.

“Well…..” and Mr FartenFurter started telling her about how he had gone a-walking around the Big Tree looking for the Wondrous Smell.

The Old Lady Felt a Story coming On, so she invited him into the ToadStool with the Blue Door for a nice cuppa tea while he Unburdened Himself.

And so, they all went In.

As they Sat Around a table, Mr FartenFurter Proceeded to Tell the Old Lady (whose name he still did Not Know) about his Encounter with Ms Burrrpen Moily.

The Old Lady Listened Very Carefully. And she did NOT Laugh. She merely Smiled. For she knew What Had Happened.

Mr FartenFurter Had Fallen In Love!

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